To the Reader

What is the Universe?  What underlies everything?  We have built a 20 billion dollar machine designed to decipher the DNA of Creation.  It sits underground in Geneva.  It lets us peek at Creation at the moment of Creation.  Literally.  And, it is designed to let us know what in fact EVERYTHING is made of.  It smashes everything to bits.  And, the results have been stunning.

The story brand sounds new.  The CERN accelerator went to “full blast” operation around 2012.  And, theories have become facts, physical evidence measures what prior geniuses could only hope was out there.  The CERN particle accelerator is a reality.  And it’s working.

The story is actually a much older one.  It dates back to the time when ages ago, millenniums ago, mankind went beyond the realities of day to day survival and said “Why”, and “How Come”.  They gazed at the stars and planets.  They measured movements and trajectories with tracking machines, which while crude were incredibly accurate.  Stonehenge is a testament to this zealous search to unravel the Mystery.  And, like CERN it had practical applications.  These rudimentary stone “computers” helped to track the movements of the sun, and the change of seasons.  The ancients knew that there was a connection between their own success, indeed, their survival, and their ability to work with the stuff that’s out there: The celestial bodies above, and, their influence, energetically on the agricultural cycles.

So, it’s a good thing to learn about out the Universe.  And, it appeals to some inherent drive to “figure out” the unfathomable.  Why are we here?  What caused What Is, to come to be?  We’ve been doing it forever.  And, probably will continue to.  So, why write a book about a particle accelerator like CERN’s large hadron collider? Continue reading “To the Reader”